Quality Philosophy

The philosophy of top class

For more than 2200 years, FINCA LA TORRE has occupied a special place in the fascinating world of olive oil production and trade. This is no coincidence!

Olive growing and the purely mechanical production of olive oil are simply ideal for cultivation in accordance with organic guidelines. With the optimum cultivation of soil and trees, the trees produce large quantities of aromatic oleiferous fruits. Consequently, the biological olive grove is not simply an ideology for us but a logical basis for the production of high-quality olive oil. We use all aspects of our extensive expertise, ranging from optimal pruning, fertilisation with our own compost (obtained from the rearing of sheep and horses) and targeted irrigation to skilful pest control (using specific insect traps and beneficial organisms).

We also actively research the key areas of nutrients for soil flora and fauna, as well as actively control the olive fruit fly (bactrocera oleae).

More than anything, we want to apply state-of-the-art technological methods and the most recent findings in order to ensure that the green gold you use in your kitchen is as pure and as fresh as possible, so enabling you to enjoy the fine aromas and the "fresh-from-the-mill" taste, at least until the next harvest. Not an easy but certainly a rewarding task.