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Intensely fruity, with notes of freshly cut grass and olive leaf. On the palate it is bitter, progressively spicy and lingering, with hints of green almond, apple and banana peel. Complex and well balanced.

100% Hojiblanca. This variety of olive can be used either for table olives or to make oil. It is undoubtedly the best adapted to limestone soils and drought.


This olive oil works well in a wide variety of dishes, such as light salads, meat marinades, oily fish dishes, meat and fish carpaccios, rich emulsions, vinaigrettes, hot and cold cream soups, pastas, sautéed dishes, vegetable preserves, etc.

Intensity of complementary descriptors
  • Olive fruit
  • Banano
  • Bitter
  • Apple
  • Hot spicy
  • Aromatic
  • Green
  • Armony
  • Tomato
  • Persistence
  • Almond
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