Once the fruit has reached its optimal state of ripeness, it is harvested. This requires continuous monitoring in the weeks leading up to the harvest.

At Finca la Torre we opt for an early harvest, starting at the beginning of October and ending in mid-November. Given that each variety has a different ripening date, the harvest can be staggered while ensuring it occurs at the ideal time for each variety. As we are not limited by the production capacity of the olive oil mill, we can carry out the harvest in a very short period of time.

We use different methods depending on the type of tree, mostly using trunk shakers, shakers with an umbrella, or even “milking” the younger trees.

Unlike other systems, large trailers are not used; instead we use 300 kg capacity boxes or small trailers. This ensures the fruit remains intact and well aerated, and reduces the time that elapses before its subsequent milling.


Once the olives are harvested, they are cleaned and stripped of stems and leaves. We then get ready to produce our exclusive Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In order to obtain the purest and best-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we always use cold extraction. We do not use coadjuvants such as talc, and filtration is carried out immediately. This is the only way to fully retain the oil’s properties and preserve its flavours, aromas, vitamins and antioxidants (vitamin E, polyphenols, etc.).

For our special varieties of lemon and orange flavoured oils, we use Demeter certified fruit, thus maintaining our high-quality organic production.
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