At Finca la Torre we go that one step further to achieve the very best quality: we strive for excellence. For more than 2,200 years the olive trees in these fields have felt the air caress their branches, heard the song of the birds perching on them, felt the sun warming their leaves... We work under the principle that if the olive grove is handled properly, respecting its biological processes, it will yield top-quality fruit.
For us, an organic and biodynamic olive grove is a guarantee of top-quality extra virgin olive oil. We apply all our knowledge and experience to everything we do, from tending our olive trees and harvesting the fruit, all the way to producing the precious “green gold” and bottling our olive oil. We combine our extensive experience and the most advanced technology into one process, ensuring our olive oil reaches your kitchen as pure and fresh as possible.

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Camino Finca La Torre S/N 29540 Bobadilla. Málaga