Our facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology. We clearly delineate the different areas of activity, in order to promote specialisation while maintaining complete synergy between the different stages of the production process of our olive oil.

Reception courtyard

Renovated in 2019, and with a processing capacity of 9-10 tonnes/hour, it guarantees immediate cleaning and washing of the fruit (if required). Unlike other mills, there are no storage hoppers. This means that the olives are processed as soon as they are received.

Olive oil mill

Renovated in 2015, it has two independent extraction lines, with a total capacity of between 3 and 5 tonnes/hour. This guarantees immediate milling of the fruit, makes it possible to produce different oils simultaneously, and, most importantly, reduces the harvest time, in order to achieve total uniformity of the olive oil produced.

The mill has all the technical elements required to control the factors that affect quality.

The olive oil produced is filtered immediately before going to the olive oil cellar, thus reducing any potential risks that could affect the preservation of the final product.

Olive oil cellar

Our cellar has been renovated progressively over time. It currently has fourteen stainless steel tanks, each with a capacity of 10,000 litres. They are all equipped with an automatic inerting system that uses nitrogen. Our cellar is also fully air-conditioned, ensuring an optimum temperature that guarantees proper preservation of the olive oil during the storage period.

Bottling room

Depending on requirements, there is a fully automated bottling line and two smaller bottling machines. This allows great versatility and a fast capacity for response when faced with greater demand. Bottling is always carried out after order confirmation, with the olive oil otherwise being kept in the cellar, where it is better preserved.

Finally, we always place a label on the front of the bottle indicating the date of harvest. This is very important information, as it is the only way of knowing whether the olive oil is fresh.
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