Monovarietals collection 4x250 ml

A collection of the Hojiblanca Selection, Arbequina Selection, Cornicabra Selection and Picudo Selection. You will be able to enjoy the different flavours and contrasts offered by each variety found on our estate.

100% Hojiblanca, 100% Arbequina, 100% Cornicabra and 100% Picudo.

The Cornicabra variety is excellent for enhancing the flavour of roast lamb, suckling pig or turkey, as well as for strong-flavoured fish such as salmon or cod. It is also perfect for cooking scrambled eggs with mushrooms.

The Picudo Selection is fantastic for breakfasts with traditional breads, panettone and pastries. It also works well in cold dishes, emulsions, homemade tomato sauces, carpaccios, mushrooms, and with white fish.

The Hojiblanca Selection works really well in light salads, meat marinades, oily fish dishes, meat and fish carpaccios, rich emulsions, vinaigrettes and cream soups.

The Arbequina variety is perfect for using raw in dishes that require some added flavour, such as salads, grilled vegetables, marinades, sauces (such as mayonnaise, aïoli or vinaigrettes), cold soups (such as salmorejo or gazpacho), pastry dough, or with tangy tropical fruits.

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