This is vital work for the crop that allows us to correct imbalances, improve the plant’s aeration and thus reduce the risk of disease and pests, facilitate the harvest and maintain the plant in a permanent juvenile state.

At Finca la Torre, pruning is carried out immediately after harvesting, and it is biannual. In other words, 50% of the estate is pruned every year.


This is mainly based on the application of compost, along with inputs in spring via irrigation and foliar application of organic products, approved in organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Similarly, biodynamic and other preparations (such as compost tea, herb compost preparations, etc.) are used in a complementary manner.

Pest and disease control

Prevention is our main tool. To achieve this, it is essential that the olive trees are healthy and that there is high biodiversity in order to maintain the ecosystem at equilibrium.

The greatest risk to high-quality oils is the olive fruit fly. Fortunately, fly populations at Finca la Torre have rarely become imbalanced in such a way as to put the quality of the olives at risk. The presence of stable populations of antagonistic insects, early harvesting and frequent wind make it an inhospitable place for olive fruit flies.

Other pests and diseases do not usually present serious problems, and they can be controlled by means of very occasional actions.

Soil management

At Finca la Torre, we take care of every detail of the land, maintaining perfect conditions for our olive trees. We work with wild plant ground cover, which is managed through mechanical mowing at times of the year when there is greater competition with the olive grove. Mowing is done with a tractor along the lanes, and manually in the vicinity of each olive tree. Tillage is non-existent.


Olive trees are a typical dryland crop. However, the input of water through irrigation can make up for deficiencies in years of scarce rainfall. In addition, the correct management of irrigation allows us to delineate the characteristics of our olive oils, since the moisture content of the olive is a very important parameter to take into account when producing olive oil.

We have a water reserve of 100,000 m3, plus the contributions of several wells. We also have humidity sensors positioned throughout the estate, which allow us to optimise the use of this precious asset.
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